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Celebrate Robert Harmon’s ‘The Hitcher’ With the Release of Arrow Video’s In-Depth Book



The Hitcher

Today brings another cool announcement for horror fans. We just got word that Arrow Video will be releasing a brand new book on Robert Harmon’s (1986) horror classic The Hitcher, which is penned by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, featuring artwork by Gary Pullin and original stills.

Arrow Books’ The Hitcher will be available to purchase on December 29.

About the book:

The Hitcher is a complex beast: reviled at the time of its release, it has been adored in the long term as one of the most intoxicating, unrelenting highway cult films ever made. Starring Rutger Hauer in the title role whose alluring villainy would give his turn as Blade Runner’s Ray Batty a run for its money, The Hitcher – both the film and the character – is simultaneously of its time and of the now, a film about the real and the mythic, and a film that challenges our assumptions about masculinity and femininity. Its horrors unfold as The Hitcher tracks and tortures the film’s protagonists across the highways of Nowhere USA, and the film reveals a tangle of contradictions: it is, at times, simultaneously dense, shallow, obvious, subtle, absurd and deeply intelligent.

The critical paths into The Hitcher that this book explores are rich and plentiful, and through an exploration of its origins and production history, a close analysis of the film itself and a consideration of the immediate fallout following its release and its longer legacies, this book celebrates one of the greatest highway horror movies ever made.

Head on over to Arrow Films’ website to pre-order your copy of the book now.

The Hitcher Book



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