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“Child’s Play” TV Series Has Been Picked Up by the Syfy Network



"Child's Play" TV Series Has Been Picked Up by the Syfy Network

THR just shared some exclusive new details for Don Mancini’s “Child’s Play” television debut, reporting today that the SyFy Network won a multiple-network bidding war to gain the rights to develop the TV series.

Mancini, who penned the Child’s Play feature film franchise, will write the script and executive produce alongside David Kirschner and Nick Antoscathe. The voice of Chucky will be once again be performed by Brad Dourif.

Mancini expressed his long wanted desire to bring Chucky to television:

I’ve long wanted to bring Chucky to television and Syfy is the perfect network for us. The show will be a fresh take on the franchise, allowing us to explore Chucky’s character with a depth that is uniquely afforded by the television series format, while staying true to the original vision that has terrorized audiences for over three decades now.

Antosca believes SyFy to be the perfect place for the next chapter in the Chucky saga:

I worked with Don on Hannibal and on Channel Zero for Syfy, so developing Chucky with UCP really feels like coming home. Syfy is the perfect place to tell the next chapter in the Chucky saga and having the original creative team lead the project will help elevate the story we are excited to tell.

The series is still in its very early development stages at Syfy, but as always Dark Universe will keep you posted on any breaking news on casting or plot information.



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