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Chiller’s Second Season of ‘Slasher’ TV Series Wraps Filming



Chiller's Second Season of 'Slasher’ TV Series Wraps Filming

Chiller’s second season of their Slasher TV series has wrapped filming, with editing currently in the process. We are excited to see the return of “The Executioner” to our screens, who takes care of business in a similar fashion as in horror films like Scream, Halloween, and Friday the 13th. It’s also worth mentioning that Slasher season two will have no connection to the first.

We don’t currently have word on the cast details for the second season at present. However, we do have a picture of actress Leslie Hope on the set. Check it out down below.

Season two synopsis:

a group of young adults return to the summer camp they attended to cover up an accidental crime they committed five years earlier. The group returns to find “new age” modernists living at the camp and later discover the body left behind by their accidental crime is missing. The situation then turns deadly as someone in their group is killed.

Slasher Season 2 Banner

Season one synopsis:

Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as “The Executioner” murdered Sarah Bennett’s parents. Now Sarah (Katie McGrath) and her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) have returned to town, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying murders centered around the seven deadly sins. It seems “The Executioner” is back. But if Tom Winston – the original Executioner – is behind bars, who is the new person behind the mask? As the murders escalate, long-buried secrets are revealed, making everyone around Sarah a suspect…or a victim.

Dark Universe will post more information on Slasher season two as soon as we get it. Expect a trailer to drop very soon.

Slasher Season 2 Set Leslie Hope

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