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Clive Barker Co-Designed This Awesome New Style for Pinhead



The original horror classic Hellraiser is going to be celebrating its 30th anniversary later this year.

If you attended the Monsterpalooza event at the Pasadena Convention Center over the weekend, then you would know that Clive Barker had such sights to show you. Barker co-designed a bad-ass new style for Pinhead that was applied by himself, artists Cris Alex and Stephen Imhoff Jr., which took place at the PPI Premier Products and Skin Illustrator booth during the live event!

Details from the official Clive Barker Facebook page:

In case you couldn’t check out the make up in the flesh. Time lapse footage of the test makeup for MONSTERPALOOZA demo at the PPI Premier Products and Skin Illustrator booth. Created with Clive by Cris Alex and Stephen Imhoff Jr . Contacts by Eye Ink FX.

Check out the video footage below, along with a load of photos.

Clive Barker Pinhead 1

Clive Barker Pinhead 2

Clive Barker Pinhead 3

Clive Barker Pinhead 4

Clive Barker Pinhead 5

Clive Barker Pinhead 6



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