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Clive Barker Talks About His ‘Hellraiser’ Remake Script to Dimension



Clive Barker Talks About His 'Hellraiser' Remake Script to Dimension

It’s a sad thought when you think about how crappy the last Hellraiser sequel turned out. I always thought that Pinhead was one of the most badass villains in the horror universe, but I feel that side of his character has diminished over the last couple of years.

It was back on Halloween 2014 when Barker revealed to Entertainment Weekly that his remake would begin:

on Devil’s Island. I wanted to fold into the Hellraiser narrative something about the guy—the Frenchman Lemarchand—who made the mysterious box, which raises Pinhead. I figured, ‘Well, what would have happened to him?’ He might well have been taken to Devil’s Island and I thought that would be a pretty cool place to start the movie.

Apparently, both Clive Barker and Doug Bradly were on board for the remake at the time.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Clive Barker and Doug Bradly were to come together for a Hellraiser remake in the future? Preferably sooner Rather than later. What do you guys think? Would you like to see the original Pinhead return?

Well, an update on the status of Clive Barker’s remake was recently discussed in a Twitter Q&A with Shudder, explaining that he delivered his script to Dimension years back but never heard anything until a sequel surfaced.



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