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Clive Barker is Working on Nightbreed TV Series With Morgan Creek



Nightbreed Decker

Fans of the classic fantasy/slasher flick Nigthbreed will be thrilled to know that a new TV series is on its way to our screens in the near future.

Deadlilne reports that Clive Barker has been involved in the pitch for a Nightbreed TV series for Morgan Creek Entertainment Group.

The company is looking to exploit across multiple platforms its library of movie titles, which includes Barker’s Nightbreed and a reimagining of David Cronenberg‘s Dead Ringers.

This is all part of Morgan Creek’s new bid to expand their properties to other platforms while “stressing that it is a priority to get the blessing of the original creators for the reboots.

We can’t tell you a whole lot about it at the moment, but you can be rest assured that Dark Universe will keep you all posted on this exciting news.