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Clive Barker’s “Hell Priest” Original ‘Hellraiser’ Concept Mask



Clive Barker's "Hell Priest" Original 'Hellraiser' Concept Mask

With the original Hellraiser fast approaching its 30th anniversary, Clive Barker and Composite Effects, masters of the silicone mask industry, are teaming up to bring a very limited edition “Hell Priest” mask from Barker’s The Hellbound Heart novella.

There will be only 30 of these “Hell Priest” masks made, which of course became Hellraiser‘s lead Cenobite Pinhead in the film.

From Composite Effects:

From the mind of horror visionary Clive Barker and the masters of the silicone mask industry Composite Effects comes the “Hell Priest” mask! You don’t need to buy a mysterious puzzle box from a shady gentleman across the seas to become the avatar of suffering, because this mask will be available to the public!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this horror icon, the folks at Composite Effects are working with Clive Barker to produce a limited run of 30 signed and numbered masks based off of Clive Barker’s original “Hell Priest” design sketches! Each mask is hand-made with meticulous care and attention to detail. Once the 30th piece is finished, the mold will be smashed in a ritual of rage and release. Along with a signed certificate of authenticity , a piece of the mold will be included with each finished mask, a sharp reminder of both pain and pleasure.

Pricing and availability will be announced at Transworld. Transworld attendees will have the first opportunity to purchase on Thursday (March 23). The mask will be offered to the public on Friday (March 24) until all 30 have been sold.

After all 30 have been cast, we will announce and host a live Facebook event allowing everyone to watch the mold getting destroyed!

Barker’s version of the “Hell Priest” looks very different to the Pinhead that we are all used to seeing.

Head on over to Composite Effects Facebook page for more updates!

Hell Priest Hellraiser Drawing

Hell Priest Hellraiser Mask Full



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