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Collaborator Matt Birman Says George A. Romero Had Wrote Four Projects



Collaborator Matt Birman Says George A. Romero Had Wrote Four Projects

This past Sunday, Dark Universe were absolutely devastated and heartbroken to hear that the legendary Godfather of the Dead, George A. Romero, had passed away after battling lung cancer. Since then, we couldn’t help but wonder if Romero’s Road of the Dead would ever see the light of day. Longtime collaborator Matt Birman says he will do whatever it takes to get Road of the Dead off the ground, along with four other unproduced Romero films.

I will stop at nothing to get them made! For him and with him,” Birman explained. Just two weeks ago, Birman said that Romero was eager to begin work on the projects. “He said to me, ‘Let’s get this done so we can get on to the other stuff!’” Birman said, calling the screenplays “fantastic scripts.

Romero wrote all four of the movies, reports Indiewire, one of which Birman co-wrote. Two are based on novels, two are original stories; only one, a comedy, is a zombie project. Birman is determined to bring them all to the big screen.

Birman is pitching the project at Frontières with his producing partner Matt Manjourides.

Road of the Dead now becomes a legacy film,” Birman said. “We won’t only be making the film for him, it will also be with him. He will be by my side and in my ear for the rest of my career, I have no doubt.

In making Road of the Dead, Birman is determined “to protect and maintain the legacy and integrity of both the artist and the man,” he said. “He was a no-bullshit, super honest, tell-it-like-it-is man and I will always continue in that tradition.

Dark Universe are determined to help make Road of the Dead become a reality, so please get in touch with us for a helping hand. R.I.P. George, we love you.

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