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Corey Feldman Talks About The Possibility Of ‘The Lost Boys 4’



Corey Feldman has always been very open regarding the Lost Boys, and we can tell you he’s willing to do another film in the franchise if it ever comes to form. Would you like to see the return of the Frog Brothers in another Lost Boys outing? Continue reading for Feldman’s thoughts on a possible Lost Boys 4.

In a recent talk with MovieWeb, Feldman had this to say:

“Unfortunately, I don’t know what is going on with any of that,” Feldman made it clear to MovieWeb. “In regards to that topic? Is there a possible future? Is there more life in the Frog Brothers and The Lost Boys? Absolutely! There is always the possibility. That is one of the things I’m most proud of. I’ve been instrumental in making that franchise come back to life, or helping that franchise come back to life. And being a big part of it. Do I see a future with possibly more Frog Brothers movies? Absolutely! Is it a guarantee? No! Do we have something on the table at the moment? No. But there might be some ideas kicking around. Lets just say, at this point, they are at the idea stage.”

“I think if anything now, if I were to go back to Edgar, and the things we are talking about internally, it would be more along the lines of part four, or a theatrical version of the film again,” Feldman went on to say, when asked if a Frog Brothers television series was at all a future possibility. “I think that’s where my mind’s eye is.”

When asked about a reboot, Feldman said he doesn’t like the idea of an all-female cast.

“After what happened with Ghostbusters, I would veer to stay away from that idea,” he said. “I’m not a hater. I encourage all artistic endeavors. And I support anything as long it’s good. I just hate seeing crap, and I hate seeing schlock. And I hate seeing when they take a very valuable and positive franchise and destroy it with something that sounds like a really good idea, but is not. So, to me…I’m a firm believer in giving the fans what we know they want. And give it to them the way they want it. It’s always nice to throw some surprises in there. But I am also not a believer in the reboot. I do not think it is a good idea. I don’t like it. I think when fans want a sequel to their favorite films, they want to see their favorite characters, and their favorite actors playing those characters, and they want to know where those characters are ten years later, or a few years later. And that is the fun of a sequel.”

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