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Danny Trejo Returns as Rondo Chavez in New ‘Three From Hell’ Image



Three From Hell Update: New Image of Danny Trejo as Rondo Chavez

If you missed last Saturday’s Three from Hell update, Dark Universe shared a new Captain Spaulding photo from the movie, courtesy of the director himself, Rob Zombie. Another returning favorite is Danny Trejo‘s character Rondo Chavez, and today teases a look at the bounty hunter in action.

You can check out the full image of Rondo Chavez below, via Zombie’s official Facebook page. Let us know your thoughts on this Three From Hell update in our comments section.

The film also stars Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, Sid HaigJeff Daniel PhillipsRichard BrakeRichard RiehleSean WhalenKevin JacksonRichard EdsonPancho MolerDot-Marie JonesTom PapaDavid UryClint HowardEmilio Rivera, Dan RoebuckDee Wallace and Austin Stoker (John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13).

Look for Zombie’s 3 From Hell to hit theatres later this year.

Rondo Chavez