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Dante Tomaselli Says Alice, Sweet Alice Remake is Still in the Cards



Dante Tomaselli Says Alice, Sweet Alice Remake is Still on the Cards

While speaking fondly about Alfred Sole‘s classic horror film Alice, Sweet Alice, filmmaker Dante Tomaselli, who is Sole’s cousin, revealed that a remake is still in the cards.

Tomaselli had the following to say about the film’s re-release on Blu-Ray from Arrow Video and pending remake:

Be on the look out for my cousin’s film, Alice, Sweet Alice. It’s coming out on Blu-ray in August through Arrow Video and I witnessed exclusive clips of the restoration print – it looks incredible! Michael Gingold, who’s in charge of the Arrow Video featurettes came to my house in south new jersey and interviewed me on video for one of Blu-ray extras/featurettes. I spoke lovingly of my cousin’s 70’s Catholic horror film. My cousin and I still have a remake in the cards and we’re in talks about releasing official Alice, Sweet Alice Halloween masks with Trick or Treat’s Justin Mabry.

You can pre-order a copy of Alice, Sweet Alice on Blu-Ray from Diabolik DVD.

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