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Dario Argento Says Guadagnino’s ‘Suspiria’ Remake “Does Not Bother Me”



Suspiria Remake

Italian horror director Dario Argento isn’t as bothered about a remake of his classic 1977 horror flick Suspiria as you might think. In an interview conducted today by the good people over at, Argento spoke about the Suspiria remake in a very calm manner. Not only is he not bothered in the slightest, but he even enthusiastically talked about the upcoming Suspiria television series.

Says Argento: “But it really does not bother me too much. I do not know the work of Guadagnino, but they tell me it’s good. I hope he makes a good movie. Anyway, it will be something else.”

As well as being remade, Suspiria will get its very own TV series very soon. Argento went on to confirm, “we have written the whole script.”  The Italian horror master says that the series will be “twelve episodes inspired precisely to” Suspiria “, the book by Thomas de Quincey. We have already written the whole script, and we’re going to shoot the pilot. It will run largely in the United States, produced by Cattleya.” 

Dark Universe would like to put any bad feelings to rest. If Dario Argento himself can accept it being remade, so can us horror fans, right?