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Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’ To Receive A 4K Restoration



Suspiria 4k

DarkHorizons are reporting that Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic Suspiria will be getting a fresh 4K restoration next year for the films 40th anniversary. German lab TLEFilms handled the restoration of the film, which will be very exciting for many of us horror lovers to see. How amazing will it be to experience the Suspiria 4k restoration on the big screen?

Argento says: “I can’t wait to see it at the movies again with all the young people who will see it for the first time.” The Dark Universe crew are huge fans of the film, we wonder what kind of impact it will have on a new generation audience.

“On a stormy night, the American dancer Suzy Bannion arrives in Freiburg coming from New York to join a famous and expensive ballet school for a three years training. On the next morning, she is informed by the direction of the school that a student she met leaving the place on the previous night was violently murdered and the police is investigating the crime. She becomes friend of another student, Sara, and she realizes that the house is indeed a coven of evil witches.”

Other good news is that Suspiria will have its internationally premiere at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival and hopefully make it to other countries soon after.