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David Naughton is “Excited” for the ‘American Werewolf’ Remake



David Naughton is "Excited" for the 'American Werewolf' Remake

In a recent interview with the good folks over at SciFiNow, David Naughton enthusiastically expressed his interest in the Max Landis remake of his fathers film An American Werewolf in London, and he wants to appear in it.

We reported back in July that Naughton was interested in being in it, he spoke to a live audience at HorrorCon UK and said: “I’d probably ask for more than a walk on. But yes, I would want to be in it, if nothing more to sort of wink at the audience.

However, when the actor was caught up with again, he had a lot more to say about the film.

Who could he play? “Yes, I want to be in it,” he reveals enthusiastically. “Now, I could play the worried Dr Hirsch, who was formerly played by the wonderful John Woodvine.

Naughton gives his approval: “I’m excited about it. It will only keep our film in the minds of so many fans.

Naughton on the original film 35 years later: “I don’t think any of us expected to be talking about it 35 years later,” he says. “It certainly set a trend, as all the films that followed would have a sort of comedic aspect where either the characters have a sense of humour or the director himself would put some sort of spin on it. In shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there was a theme where you always saw comedy and horror.

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