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David Robert Mitchell Of ‘It Follows’ Possibly Directing ‘Halloween’



Another name being thrown around to direct the new Halloween film is David Robert Mitchell who is best known for his (2014) horror film, It Follows. He’s one of the latest names being talked about around social media, and we feel this is something that should be mentioned. It Follows has so many scenes that are very inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween, David Robert Mitchell is definitely a fan and would be a great choice to add to the growing list of possibilities. His directing style is something we think would be perfect for a new Halloween film.

What John Carpenter recently said:

“We made the original HALLOWEEN for very little money,” he added. “At heart it’s just a good, scary story, and that’s why it works. 38 years after the original Halloween,” says John Carpenter, “I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all.”

“HALLOWEEN needs to return to its traditions,” Carpenter said. “I feel like the movies have gotten away from that… Michael is not just a human being; he’s a force of nature, like the wind. That’s what makes him so scary.”

What do you think guys, is David Robert Mitchell an appropriate choice to direct the new Halloween? Let us know what your thoughts are.

As we previously mentioned, there isn’t a confirmed release date at this time, but the hope is to have a new Halloween film premiere by 2017.