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Dead Meat Mastermind James A. Janisse Announces Schedule for First Half of 2021, Including Extended Break



Dead Meat Mastermind James A. Janisse Announces Schedule for First Half of 2021, Including Extended Break

Since its inception in 2017, horror YouTube juggernaut Dead Meat has been a cornerstone of horror entertainment, thanks in no small part to the informative and hilarious Kill Counts. In time, they’ve released series such as They Talk! And What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? as well as a host of interviews with horror icons, including Nancy Thompson herself, Heather Langenkamp, who will be officiating the wedding of channel creator James A. Janisse and Chelsea Rebecca, who hosts the Dead Meat Podcast.

Due to the upcoming nuptials, James is handing over the reins of the Kill Count to longtime editor Zoran Gvojic, who helmed and voiced the aforementioned They Talk! His first assignment will be covering the entire Tremors franchise, including all seven films thus far. While James ultimately holds the final approval for what flies on his channel, these scripts have been written by Zoran himself, and given his penchant for punning, we’re in for a treat come January. The first film in the franchise is set for a January 14th release date on the Kill Count, with subsequent episodes coming every other week through the rest of the series.

As for this month, James has promised the next Kill Count episode, due out this coming Friday, December 10th, to be the 2021 edition of Mortal Kombat. Following that with specific dates TBD are Stitches, a delightful Irish horror-comedy full of gore, one-liners, and B-movie charm, as well as three more major 2021 releases in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Nia DaCosta’s Candyman, and The Forever Purge. Dedicated fans of Dead Meat know how much of a horrorshow it can be for James to count up all of the bodies in these films, so brace yourself for a contender to Zombieland: Double Tap’s crown for the highest Kill Count thus far.

Also coming to the channel are a couple more episodes of the Dead Meat Podcast, as well as a host of interviews with the cast and crew behind the “Chucky” TV series, which just wrapped its first season and has been inked for a second.

After this, James will be taking an extended break until summer 2022, as he has spent the last four years plus working endlessly on the channel, amassing over 5.4 million followers as of this printing. James and Chelsea have aspirations for films and other projects outside of YouTube, but in order for anything to get done, our intrepid host feels like a break is in order, and given the gargantuan amount of work he’s put in in such a short time, fair enough, James. I know I go back to Kill Count episodes here and there just for background noise or something to lift my spirits, and I can’t be the only viewer that feels that way. Besides, this may give newer fans a chance to catch up on the literal hundreds of videos that are currently up on the channel, as well as explore films that may never have been on one’s radar before coverage on the Kill Count.

Content creation is an endless slog, so major props to James for recognizing that a breather is needed. Besides, with a wedding that’s been delayed as much as his, fair enough that he would want time to enjoy himself.

Check out the full update video from Dead Meat below: