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Death Waltz Releasing John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ 40th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack LP



Death Waltz Releasing John Carpenter's 'Halloween' 40th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack LP

Death Waltz Recording Co., is proud to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s seminal slasher film, Halloween.

John Carpenter’s 1987 horror classic Halloween is getting a sweet LP soundtrack release from Death Waltz Recording to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary. The audio is taken from the original Mono film reels.

Details via Mondo’s website:

“This 40th anniversary release of the original Halloween music composed and performed by John Carpenter in 1978 presents the original Halloween film score as it was mixed within the film. The audio is taken from the “music stem” derived from the 35mm mono tracks that comprised the dialogue, sound effects and music of the original film which when combined, comprise the complete soundtrack of the classic film. The first LP album of Halloween, released in 1982, was a remix of the original 16 master by Alan Howarth, with instructions from John Carpenter to re-mix the tracks to represent the best sound of the music, and not necessarily be committed to match the music as mixed for the film. in this release, Alan Howarth carefully transferred the film music stem, assembled the music in chronological order as presented in the movie so the listener can visualize the film in their minds eye while taking a musical journey of the most famous horror score ever!”

You can see more photos below.

The soundtrack will ship in October 2018 via Mondo.

Halloween 1978 LP 2 Halloween 1978 LP 3 Halloween 1978 LP 4 Halloween 1978 LP 5 Halloween 1978 LP 1



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