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Dee Snider Hopes ‘Strangeland 2’ Will Begin Production Soon



Dee Snider Hopes 'Strangeland 2' Will Begin Production Soon

With the 20th anniversary fast approaching for director John Pieplow’s 1998 horror film Strangeland, we have a bit of news on the long awaited sequel from Dee Snider, who wrote and starred in the original. Snider took to social media and talked about Strangeland 2, which he hopes will go into production very soon.

Snider had this to say in a video posted on his official Facebook page:

[I’m] gearing up to hopefully go into production with Strangeland 2. I know I’ve talked about this for twenty years. I sound like a broken record. And I hate even saying it out loud, cause you’ve had so many disappointments with this project. But it’s feeling like now is the time. Feeling like this is gonna happen this time around – I’ve also said that before, so don’t hold me to this.

While we wait to hear more on this project, you can check out the full video with Snider down below!