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Dee Wallace Rumored to Return in a New ‘Critters’ Movie from SyFy



New Critters Movie from SyFy Will Star a Returnng Horror Icon - Dee Wallace

The last time we got a new Critters movie was almost three decades ago in 1992, which took the Krite action back to space in director Rupert Harvey’s Critters 4: They’re Invading Your Space. Now, after 27 years, it appears that a brand new entry in the beloved horror franchise has wrapped filming.

Original Critters star Dee Wallace is rumored to return in the new movie from SyFy. Sources are also reporting that American writer/director Bobby Miller (The Cleanse) directed the new Critters movie, and Adam Friedlander and Armand Leo (Tremors) produced.

We have to give thanks to the Facebook group Critters Rehatched for sharing the above information.

Dark Universe will keep you updated on the film’s promotional material and official release date. Let us know your thoughts on this breaking news in our comments section below.