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‘Demons’ Star Geretta Geretta Teaming With Lamberto Bava and Kansas Bowling for New Horror Project



'Demons' Star Geretta Geretta Teaming With Lambert Bava and Kansas Bowling for New Horror Project

At the recent 6th annual Horror-Rama convention in Toronto, it was announced that a new feature film written and directed by Demons star Geretta Geretta, set and shot in the shadowy, steeped-in-the-supernatural corners of New Orleans, produced and photographed by Kansas Bowling and co-produced and presented by Lamberto Bava, is set to go behind cameras later this year. Delirium Magazine broke the exclusive news last December.

This is my way of bridging the past with the present and future,” Bava told the attendees at Horror-Rama convention.

He continued: “It’s like when Dario ‘presented’ Demons, so I will do the same with this picture.

Delirium Magazine also notes that details about the horror movie are being kept close-to-the-vest, but it is known that Bowling (who outside of her film and video work, is also an actress who appeared as a Manson girl in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) will shoot the movie in 16mm (her preferred medium) along with D.P. Michael Shershenovich (Bloody Christmas, Skid Row). The project will also have DNA closely tied to Bava’s original Demons film.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see what the trio have in store for horror fans? Let us know your thoughts on this project in our comments section below.

The new project shoots some time in 2020.