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Details and Thoughts on ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Reboot News



Details and Thoughts on 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Reboot News

Monday the horror community was graced with some much needed updates on the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. The updates include a poster as well as some minor plot details and confirmation for a 2021 release.

The poster shows a dark blacked forest background with a silhouette of the iconic “chainsaw dance” Leatherface, and in the sky is what looks to be a rotten flesh colored mask with a twisted nose, mouth, and two dark eyes. The text below the poster reads “In 1974, the world witnessed one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history. In 2021, the face of madness returns.” confirming that this film is in fact a sequel to Tobe Hoppers 1974 classic film.

Leatherface 74

This is some exciting news for fans of the franchise, with this film back on track and revving up to be a strong and menacing sequel to an all-time favorite of mine and many other horror fanatics. As some of my readers may recall I also covered some early details of a few characters in the upcoming film. With our previous description of Leatherface paired with the mask seen in the poster, I’m already getting shivers at the sight of him. Speaking of characters it is said from the films press conference is that actress Alice Krige (Gretel & Hansel) will be appearing in the film, possibly as the character named “Mrs.Mc” as mentioned in my previous Texas Chainsaw Massacre article.

Now some horror fans are quite skeptic about this film, hell even the idea of another Chainsaw Massacre film gives some people unfaithful thoughts, and understandably so as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has dealt with its fair share of duds. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation in 1995 and Texas Chainsaw in 2013 have solidified that. However as we have seen there is always time for redemption. With the news of directors Andy and Ryan Torhill leaving due to creative differences with Lionsgate, many people were quick to say this film was dead in the water and doomed from the start. However with David Blue Garcia taking over and ready to pick up and start fresh I’m confident we’re in good hands. It is best to handle any discrepancies early on in the production rather than later. With this news, as well the badass new poster I’m sure we’re going to be looking at a solid sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Texas Chainsaw 2021 Poster