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Don Coscarelli Says He Has No Plans For a ‘Phantasm’ Reboot



Don Coscarelli Says He Has No Plans For a Phantasm Reboot

New Line Cinema did have plans for a Phantasm reboot at one point, but since this was first mentioned back in 2005, nothing has happened with the project.

Don Coscarelli took some time to talk with Arrow in the Head about the planned Phantasm reboot. Coscarelli attended the Austin based festival where he talked about the new restoration for the original, which is supposed to be mind-blowing.

Nothing is ever off the table. You have a big casting hurdle there with Tall Man. Currently there’s nothing planned, but if you had the right director, the right story, the right direction in terms of making something unique and still staying true to the spirit of the story. You know, all these years working on Phantasm, I’m like a Phantasm fan too, so I would go see it!

Personally speaking, I’d rather this classic horror film never be touched by anyone, it really should be left alone. What are your thoughts? Do you want to see a reboot of Phantasm with a new Tall Man? Tough questions!



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