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Don Coscarelli Might Consider Future ‘Phantasm’ Films



Don Coscarelli Might Consider Future 'Phantasm' Films

Last year we finally saw the long awaited release of director David Hartman’s Phantasm: Ravager, which reunited the original cast for one last dance. If you’re a fan of the long-running classic horror franchise, then you’ve probably already checked it out for yourselves. You can also pre-order the set right here!

What can we expect to see in the future from the iconic Phantasm franchise? The real question is, would you like to see a possible remake or another sequel? Or should it be left alone? Well, Franchise creator Don Coscarelli had a few comments inside the booklet from Well Go USA’s upcoming release of the Phantasm Blu-Ray collection, which can be seen on page 51:

All I can tell you about that subject is rest assured that we are constantly researching and experimenting here in the Phantasm labs, so who knows what we might cook up in the near future. However, I do think that Phantasm: Ravager will be the last you see of the original Phantasm actors in the series.

The complete Phantasm Blu-Ray collection is due out in the United States on April 11th via

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