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Don Mancini’s Reveals His Idea for “Chucky in Space” Sequel



Don Mancini's Reveals His Idea for "Chucky in Space" Sequel

We’ve already seen horror icons such as Pinhead, Jason and Leprechaun launched into outer space, and next up it could be Chucky’s turn to take off.

While on The Movie Crypt to promote Cult of Chucky, Mancini revealed some information on his idea for his next sequel titled “Chucky in Space”.

I have an idea for Chucky in Space,” Mancini told hosts Joe Lynch and Adam Green of the Movie Crypt podcast. “You know how sometimes, like, kids will present a space shuttle crew with like, some totemic experiment or mascot or whatever? Chucky… Chucky in Space.

Mancini sounds like he’s joking about the idea of sending Chucky to space, so don’t take it seriously for the moment. At least more sequels are being considered.

Cult of Chucky hits home video on October 3.