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Don Shanks Talks Lost SWAT Team Massacre from ‘Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers’



Don Shanks Talks Lost SWAT Team Massacre from 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'

In a recent interview with Don Shanks, Michael Myers in Halloween 5, the folks at revealed that they had found the long lost “Dr. Death” opening sequence to Dominique Othenin-Girard’s sequel.

Continuing on with part three of the intrview, Shanks recalls more lost footage, in which an entire SWAT team is massacred as Michael Myers makes his way through.

Oh, I took out Haddonfield’s SWAT team,” confirmed Shanks. “I killed a whole bunch of people.

Expounding of the filmed scenes, “They took place at the hospital, the place where Danielle’s character left from,” he offered of the location in Orem, Utah which stood in for Haddonfield Children’s Clinic. “If you remember, the police get on the radio (in the film) and they say, ‘He’s here,’ and the whole SWAT team (which is stationed) at the Myers house gets in their cars and they drive off, and there’s one guy left up (in the house) with Danielle in the bedroom, and then there’s one guy down below in a police car (on the street), and over the radio he hears people screaming. So that’s where the (SWAT massacre) scene was to be – just before that.

Of the extent of the sequence, Shanks said, “Well, I think we didn’t spend that much shooting it, because it was mostly second unit, with Don Pike directing instead of Dominique. So we were doing it fast.

Speed of set-ups aside, Shanks does indeed recall the kills.

There’s one guy, and I mean they show it, when they’re taking out one of the bodies, whose head is twisted around,” recalled the actor. “They put the wardrobe on him backwards, and he looks like his head’s been twisted one hundred and eighty degrees. And another, the direction was, ‘Take an M16 rifle, and you’re just walking through these guys and killing them.’ There’s Donre Samson, a big tall black guy that I kill, and another one, I put the M16 through his head, and another guy, I break his neck and stomp on him, you know. The whole idea was that you’d hear everybody screaming (over the radio) when he’s killing everybody. So we did all these really quick shots. You know: ‘Pick this guy up. Knock this guy down. Stab this guy.’

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