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‘Don’t Kill It’ Starring Dolph Lundgren Comes to Theatres on March 3rd



Don't Kill It Starring Dolph Lundgren Comes to Theatres on March 3rd

Another exciting horror project to look out for next month. Don’t Kill It stars Dolph Lundgren and Kristina Klebe in a new horror film about an ancient demon helmed by Mike Mendez (The Convent, Gravedancers, Big Ass Spider!, Tales of Halloween), which looks to be full of blood and gore. The film sounds bad ass, and we can’t wait to check it out.

An ancient demon is accidentally unleashed in a sparsely populated Alaskan town, and the only hope of survival lies in the hands of a grizzled old demon hunter Jebediah Woodley and his reluctant partner FBI agent Evelyn Pierce.

Don’t Kill It is written by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, who wrote 2015’s thriller Body.

The film also stars Miles Doleac and Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn). Archstone Distribution will bring Don’t Kill It to theatres on March 3rd, followed by a Digital VOD release via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.