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Doug Bradley Hates The Idea Of Remaking ‘Hellraiser’



Doug Bradley often speaks his mind when it comes to the Hellraiser films, which he feels a remake should never happen of the 1987 horror classic. He went as far as saying that he hates the whole idea of the film ever being remade at all, and we have to agree with him on that.

Doug Bradley attended the 2016 Crypticon where he had a bit to say about the possibility of a Hellraiser reboot, and says the remake culture is stifling new talent coming through.

“There has been talk for at least four years now of remaking the first film but, weather we’re any closer to seeing that happen or not, I don’t know. Personally, I would be delighted if it didn’t happen. I hate the whole remake culture that’s taken over at the moment, it’s unnecessary. It’s stifling creativity and stopping new talent coming through, and i’m opposed to the remake culture.”

What do you think? Should Hellraiser ever be remade?

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