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Eerie British Short ‘I Should Have Run’ is Being Showcased By Blumhouse



Eerie British Short 'I Should Have Run' is Being Showcased By Blumhouse

A new British horror short costing just £200 to make in Bristol is being showcased by Hollywood horror studio Blumhouse Productions, which is titled I Should Have Run, written, directed, produced and edited by Gabriela Staniszewska, who also starred in the film. We are blown away by what we saw in the footage, it sent a few chills down our backs. You can watch the complete short down below!

Said Staniszewska:

We had a very small crew of only four people, and shot the film over three nights in rather chilly conditions. But the location was fantastic! The Staple Hill tunnel has always creeped me out and I’m glad I got a chance to use it for a horror.

I Should Have Run went on to win six awards on the international festival circuit, including Best International Fiction at the Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2016 and the Final Girls Award for Best Female Director at the Unrestricted View Film Festival in London, as well as the coveted Best Sci-Fi / Horror award at Imagine This Women’s Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York. It has so far appeared at 24 film festivals around the world, and was shown most recently as part of the Bristol Film Festival’s Short Film Showcase back in March.

The film was showcased on the official Blumhouse website on March 31, alongside new trailers Annabelle: Creation and The Mummy with Tom Cruise.

Official statement from Blumhouse: is thrilled to premiere the frightening new horror short I Should Have Run,” the studio remarked. “Directed by talented newcomer Gabriela Staniszewska. . . the short looks at a woman who encounters a something strange on her evening walk home, but incorporates larger themes of depression and life’s path.

Staniszewska is actively working on her first feature and is particularly keen to explore the ways in which the horror medium can be used to tackle psychological issues and emotional hardship.

Horror is a very unsubtle way of talking about very subtle things and is an excellent medium through which to discuss mental health issues: it is ethereal, unmanageable, terrifying and difficult to grasp.

Dark Universe are truly impressed with Gabriela’s work, so whatever shes working on right now, we want to check it out.