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Eibon Press Gives New Life To Lucio Fulci’s ‘Zombie’ In Comic Book Form!



Without a doubt one of the greatest Italian horror movies ever made is Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, and now you can own these amazing limited edition comics from Eibon Press. Continue reading for full details, you are in for a real treat Zombie fans!

“Our books are like limited edition record albums,” says Romano. “You know all that awesome stuff they’re doing with posters and vinyl soundtracks? Well, that what we’re bringing to comics. Each and every issue of each and every title will come encased in a specially-designed album jacket-style sleeve which we’ve invented ourselves. We call it the “Eibon Sleeve.” Plus you’ll get some fun extra stuff inside the sleeve with your comic. For example, the first 250 of each 1,000 copy run will contain a signed and numbered bookplate. And we’ll be inserting random awesome stuff in a few of the sleeves like autographed bookmarks and such. What we’re doing has never been done before, and we really hope people will dig all the blood and sweat we’re putting into each issue.”

Never before has any comic been given this super high standard level of printing and packaging, which really does look incredible. Masters of Horror/Shock Festival writer Stephen Romano, and horror’s own memorabilia legend and creator of Black Devil Doll, Shawn Lewis have a mission to “make owning and collecting horror comics cool again,” by releasing single issue comic books in super limited “Prestige Editions.” This really is a new direction in quality of how comics should be from this point on.

If you want to order these amazing comics, you will be able to get them from July only at the official Eibon Press website.

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