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‘Elm Street’ Star Lisa Wilcox to Visit ‘Dream Master’ Filming Locations



Elm Street Star Lisa Wilcox to Visit Dream Master Filming Locations

When you think of all the female heroines in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, without a doubt, one of those names that comes to mind is Lisa Wilcox, who played Alice Johnson in The Dream Master and The Dream Child sequels. Dark Universe are very fond of her, so we can’t wait to see miss Wilcox return to Elm Street in some capacity.

We have just heard that Wilcox will be launching her brand new YouTube series that will see her returning to familiar filming locations from The Dream Master.

Speaking with Bloody-Disgusting, Wilcox revealed why shes revisiting the past:

As a surprise, a friend of mine took me to the location in Culver City where we filmed The Crave Inn Exterior scenes in Dream Master,” Wilcox told us. “We had a lovely lunch at what is now called Café Laurent. It dawned on me that a trip down memory lane might be a blast to share with all lovers of Nightmare On Elm Street.

She will also share never before told stories:

The first series of 8 episodes will just be me at locations all over Los Angeles,” she explained. “They are about 3-5 minutes long and you will absolutely hear set stories never heard before. Nothing TMZ-like… God forbid. Just forgotten memories coming alive. There are also some fun props thrown in. Being from the theater, I just can’t help it!

On other possible Elm Street stars popping up in the series:

Working on it as we speak,” she excitedly revealed. “Everyone I’ve talked to is completely on board. It will be a blast.

She has lots of enthusiasm to return to acting again:

I hope to work my brains out! I know. That sounds like horror. Seriously, I hope to work in whatever genre comes up,” she said. “I know. I know. I’m mostly known for Nightmare On Elm Street but I worked in the past doing all kinds of roles in Sci-fi, comedy and drama. I’ve always wanted to do a western and something medieval or renaissance. Fingers crossed!

While we wait to hear more about her career moves, check out the new series teaser below!



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