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Elm Street Icon Heather Langenkamp Narrates Short Creature Feature ‘Road Trash’



Road Trash

Elm Street icon Heather Langenkamp narrates Road Trash, a short creature feature flick from director Natasha Pascetta and music composer James Malone, the creative force behind acclaimed death metal band Arsis. The film will feature music inspired by Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and classic metal.

While watching a scary movie together last year, they decided to turn their love of horror into something tangible that could combine their talents.

Road Trash is a short horror film about good intentions gone wrong. Alice can’t help but bury every dead animal she comes across. One day, she buries something she never should have touched and pays for her kind act dearly.

The short was shot in the sleepy town of Mineral Wells, TX with the abandoned Baker Hotel serving as a haunting backdrop.

Inspired by Italian and American horror films of the 1980’s, Road Trash is a vibrant fairy tale about a girl and her strange addiction.

Road Trash is currently in post-production and is heading to film festivals later this year. Check out a photo of Heather Langenkamp and a cool piece of poster artwork below.

Heather Langenkamp

Road Trash Poster