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‘Evil Dead’ Icon Ted Raimi Returns as a Deadite in New “Creepshow” Season 2 Footage



'Evil Dead' Icon Ted Raimi Returns as a Deadite in New "Creepshow" Season 2 Footage

The creative minds behind the second season of Shudder‘s popular “Creepshow” TV series are pushing to make it one of the most memorable seasons ever. Not only will the new upcoming episodes feature your usual monsters and creatures, but will also include an appearance by Evil Evil 2 star Ted Raimi, who is set to appear on the show as a hideous deadite on a public tv station. And today, thanks to an exclusive shared by BD, we have a sneak peek at that Raimi scene.

You can check out Raimi as a deadite in season two of the “Creepshow” TV series below, in the episode titled “Public Television of the Dead“.

Newcomers Ethan Embry and Andrew Bachelor have signed on to star among the cast.

Combining elements of Creepshow and Evil Dead in a movie or TV show sounds like a winning formula to me. I wonder how horror fans will react when Ted Raimi turns up as a full on deadite in the second season of the “Creepshow” TV series? I guess we will all find out once reaction videos start appearing across YouTube.

Are you excited to see Raimi’s deadite invade “Creepshow”? What do you think of the new footage? Sound off down in our comment section below this post to let us know.

Don’t miss the season two premiere of “Creepshow” on Shudder when airs on April 1st, 2021.



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