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Exclusive: New Line Wants to Reboot Every ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Film



While in Spain to film his latest horror project titled Campfire Creepers, Robert Englund answered some important questions regarding the future of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Our source tells Dark Universe that Englund definitely sounds like he’s done playing the iconic role of Freddy krueger. However, he is very much open to playing other roles.

But that’s not all, we might be seeing a complete reboot of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street franchise from Warner Bros./New Line Cinema. Continue reading for the full lowdown, which also mentions Kevin Bacon.

When asked about the future of the franchise, Englund responded:

They want to do a “reboot” of all of Freddy’s movies, although they already made one of the first and did not have much success. They want to redo it with new technology for a new audience and I heard Kevin Bacon might play Freddy.

Englund on a cameo appearance in future Nightmare on Elm Street films:

I’m too old to do it. I could make a shot, but not repeat it over and over again. In fact, I might consider making a movie, but eight … It would be rather “Freddy vs. Viagra.” But I would like to be involved with a cameo. Maybe he could be the new dream teacher or a skeptic who does not believe Freddy’s existence is possible. It can be fun for fans, and for me too,” Englund told our source.

Would you fans like to see eight more Nightmare on Elm Street films? And how do you feel about the possibility of Keven Bacon as Freddy krueger? We would love to see more films, as long as they are done properly.

The David Leslie Johnson-penned A Nightmare On Elm Street reboot is very much still in the works. Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more on this to come very soon.

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