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‘The Exorcist’: Producer Jason Blum Promises New Sequel Will Surprise all the Skeptics



'The Exorcist': Producer Jason Blum Promises New Sequel Will Surprise all the Skeptics

With The Forever Purge fast approaching its theatrical release this July, Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum ramped up the press for the sixth film in a discussion with our friends over at Den of Geek, and while doing so, dropped some fresh details regarding the new Exorcist sequel. Just to clarify things, David Gordon Green (Halloween Kills) is on board as director.

Blum touches on the skeptics:

I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise all the skeptics out there. We had a lot of skeptics about Halloween and David turned them around, and I think he’s going to turn it around with The Exorcist.

The sequel is being aimed at old and new audiences:

I want to make a movie that works for both [audiences]. I want to make a movie for people that know and love the first Exorcist and are furious that we’re doing this, but somehow drag themselves to the theater. I want them to come out happy. And I want to make a movie that people who’ve never heard of The Exorcist really enjoy. I think David did that with Halloween. I think he’ll do that with The Exorcist also.

David Robinson and James Robinson will serve as producers with Blum.

So what do you guys make of Blum’s comments regarding the upcoming Exorcist sequel? Are you a fan of the original 1973 film? As usual, you can sound off with your thoughts on this down in our comments section below this article.

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