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February DVD and Blu-Ray Horror Movie Release Dates



February DVD and Blu-Ray UK Horror Film Releases

Looking to buy some new UK horror film releases on DVD and Blu-Ray? Well, February will be a busy month for some of the very best horror films that you might want to add to your growing collection. Check out the horror films list that we have gathered for you below.

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American Horror Project Vol 1 (Dual Format Blu-Ray + DVD) Order Here
The Green Inferno (Blu-Ray) Order Here
The Green Inferno (DVD) Order Here
Nina Forever (Blu-Ray) Order Here
Nina Forever (DVD) Order Here
Frankenstein (Blu-Ray) Order Here
Last Stop (DVD) Order Here
Frankenstein (DVD) Order Here
Evil of Frankenstein (DVD) Order Here
Death Call (DVD) Order Here
Over your Dead Body (DVD) Order Here
You are Not Alone (DVD) Order Here
The Toxic Avenger Collection (DVD) Order Here
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray) Order Here
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (DVD) Order Here
Audition Steelbook (Dual Format Blu-Ray + DVD) Order Here
Audition (Blu-Ray) Order Here
Deathgasm (DVD) Order Here
Compulsion (Blu-Ray) Order Here
Lost After Dark (DVD) Order Here



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