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Felissa Rose Reprises Role as Angela Baker in ‘Sleepaway Camp’ Sequel



Felissa Rose to Reprise Her Role as Angela Baker in a New Sleepaway Camp Sequel

The Movie Crypt podcast show recently talked with former New Line executive Jeff Katz, who revealed information on a new Sleepaway Camp film in the original franchise. Jeff Katz did in fact acquire the rights to the franchise in 2013, which means the next instalment in the franchise will be produced by both Katz and series creator Robert Hiltzik.

The next film will explain that Angela Baker has been in a sanitarium for many these years, which sets up her escape and sends her back to iconic Camp Arawak. If everything goes as planned, actress Felissa Rose will be reprising her famous role as Angela Baker.

Katz went on to explain:

“You resolve her character while setting up the events of the new movie, which are tied directly to her and in a way which allows you to honor the original but spin off in an entirely new direction.”

All we can tell you for now is that production has yet to begin on the next Sleepaway Camp film.

Keep checking back for more news on this as we get it.



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