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Finnish Comedy ‘Heavy Trip’ Debuts in Theaters and VOD Platforms This October



Finnish Comedy 'Heavy Trip' Debuts in Theaters and VOD Platforms on October 5th

Heavy Trip is one crazy looking Finnish comedy flick to look out for this October when it opens in theaters and lands on VOD.

The raucous and rollicking Finnish comedy Heavy Trip, about a small-town Finnish heavy metal band that blasts its way out of the quiet countryside for a big debut gig in Norway, will open in top markets across the U.S. in conjunction with a nationwide VOD debut this October.

In Heavy Trip, Turo (Johannes Holopainen) is stuck in a small village in the Finnish countryside where his greatest passion is being the lead vocalist for the amateur metal band Impaled Rektum. The only problem is that he and his fellow headbangers have practiced for 12 years without playing a single gig. But that’s all about to change when the guys meet the promoter of a huge heavy metal music festival in Norway and decide it’s now or never. Hitting the road in a stolen van with a corpse, a coffin, and a new drummer from a local mental hospital in tow, Impaled Rektum travels across Scandinavia to make their dreams a reality.

Following its lauded U.S. premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, an equally fiery Norwegian premiere two weeks later at Oslo’s Inferno Metal Festival, 2018 Fantasia Film Festival, and its subsequent rollout to festivals around the world, Heavy Trip is expected to have late-night theatrical showings in the U.S.’s top markets.

Helmed by first-time feature filmmakers Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren, Heavy Trip is the first title scheduled for release under the new distribution deal between Doppelgänger Releasing—the genre label of Music Box Films—and Bloody Disgusting, the country’s leading horror genre website.

Heavy Trip opens in Los Angeles (Laemmle Music Hall Beverly Hills), Austin (Alamo Drafthouse), and Chicago (Music Box Theater) on October 5. Followed by VOD platforms on October 12.



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