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First Look at Factory Entertainment’s ‘IT’ 15″ Pennywise Motion Statue!



First Look at Factory Entertainment's 'IT' 15" Pennywise Motion Statue!

Factory Entertainment has announced their new terrifying 15″ Pennywise “Premium Motion Statue” from the 1990 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. We think it captures the features of Tim Curry in the clown makeup very effectively, but it will cost you $124.99 to own one. This is one of those dream horror collectables that you definitely need to have in your collection!

A release in the Winter of 2017 is expected. To make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing piece, head on over to Factory Entertainment to stay up to date.

Product Description:
A highly detailed Premium Motion Statue of Pennywise from the classic movie. Tim Curry’s likeness of the sewer dwelling clown is hauntingly immortalized in this 15” tall recreation of the character as seen in the popular roadside scene where he waves while holding floating balloons. Best of all, this statue features audio of your favorite lines from the film.

Check out some sick looking images below!

You can pre-order the Pennywise Premium Motion Statue via Factory Entertainment’s website.

Pennywise Motion Statue 1

Pennywise Motion Statue 2



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