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First Look at the Official Poster for Lionsgate’s Upcoming ‘Jigsaw’



After seven films and a path of visceral violence that has made it one of the highest-grossing horror movie franchises in history, ‘Jigsaw’ will mark the franchise’s return to the big screen this Halloween season. With the release fast approaching, we now have our first official poster for the movie thanks to a Joblo exclusive, and boy does it excite us.

The now iconic pig mask is simply hanging from a coat hook with the word “Become” over the movie’s title, splashed in red across the otherwise grayscale poster. While Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw does die early in the series, he is expected to make a return in some capacity. Considering the words “Become” are on the poster, we expect a new Jigsaw will be crowned (masked?) so the series can continue.

Along with the official poster, we also have some San Diego Comic Con news. Tobin Bell will be signing autographs while Jigsaw directors Peter and Michael Spierig are participating in the Reinventing Horror panel at the convention.

We have a poster and some SDCC appearances scheduled. Now we just need a trailer. Or at least a teaser trailer. October 27 can’t get here soon enough.

Jigsaw Official Poster