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First Poster Art for Robert Green Hall’s ‘Nail Gun Massacre’ Remake



Back in January, Dark Universe revealed that Terry Lofton, Bill Leslie’s 1985s horror nasty Nail Gun Massacre was getting the remake treatment. Director Robert Hall (Laid to Rest, “Fear Clinic,” MTV’s “Teen Wolf”) has joined forces with Texas Frightmare Weekend founder and producer Loyd Cryer to bring a new take on the revenge horror. Well, we have the first artwork for you to check out down below!

Cryer had a relationship with the film’s original director, (the late) Terry Lofton, and re-released the original film in 2014 with Code Red Entertainment.

When asked about the new version, Cryer said: “Robert Hall and I have been talking about this for a couple of years, and finally we are making it happen. Hall’s film Lightning Bug is a personal favorite, and obviously with the unmatched death scenes in his Laid to Rest series, I found the right guy to bring it to life.

When asked about the film and any casting choices, Hall said: “I’ve been really fortunate to have amazing casts in all my films despite the budget, and although I can’t reveal anything just yet, Nail Gun will be no different and feature a familiar and stellar cast.

Hall then commented on whether they would retain the comedic camp tone of the original: “It’s going to be a FUN MOVIE for sure; however, the new screenplay is really smart, and we are pulling back on the camp for sure. It’s an update for today’s demanding audience bringing you WTF superb nail gun kills of course.

Hall will direct and produce with Cryer while the script comes courtesy of screenwriter Darren Bevill (Appetites). Nail Gun Massacre will begin principle photography in Texas in the late Summer of 2017.

Nail Gun Massacre Remake Art Poster

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