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‘Flesh Eating Mothers’ Hits Blu-Ray in the (UK) From 88 Films



Flesh Eating Mothers Hits Blu-Ray in the (UK) From 88 Films

88 Films are really good to its fan base in the UK, and they always release some of the very best horror titles on Blu-Ray. Their next awesome horror offering will be James Aviles Martin’s Flesh Eating Mothers, which is due for release on May 23, 2016. You can get your hands on the film by pre-ordering right here!

We haven’t heard anything about the special features at this time, but you can bet there will be some cool stuff coming our way. You can check out the 80’s style cover art below!

In Flesh Eating Mothers:

“It’s just another day in your typical Middle America town. The children diligently head off to school, fathers leave for the office and mothers spend their day working hard to make certain the family returns to a clean house and a warm dinner on the table. Today may begin like every other day in this town of good, solid values, but children become suspicious when their mothers begin developing some very peculiar appetites. FLESH EATING MOTHERS is a non-stop cult action/comedy that tells the story of a kid s worst nightmare: becoming dinner!”

You can order yourself a copy of Flesh Eating Mothers on Blu-Ray via

Flesh Eating Mothers UK Blu-Ray



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