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Freddy Krueger Actor Robert Englund Ready For New Take on Character



Freddy Krueger Actor Robert Englund Ready For New Take on Character

The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has remained dormant since the 2010 reboot but Robert Englund says he is looking forward to someone else taking on the iconic role of the springwood slasher Freddy Krueger.

In an interview with AP Entertainment, Englund admitted its time for him to move on from the character:

I’m too old,” he said. “I know that everything gets remade eventually.

Englund, 72 years old, has played the role of Freddy Kruger eight different times during the franchise’s run but hasn’t appeared since the 2003 film Freddy vs. Jason. He understands taking on the role again would be difficult at his age, comparing the situation to

an athlete who can’t get out of bed Monday morning.

Even without playing the role of Freddy again, England is intrigued with where the franchise goes from here:

Now with the new technologies, films are gonna get remade because we can do special effects even better and more sophisticated, and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing a new Nightmare film where they can really go crazy with a dream landscape, with the nightmare sequences, using some of the techniques used in Inception or in that old Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come.

Tune in to the Travel Channel to catch more of Englund as he hosts the “True Terror with Robert Englund” series airing Tuesdays.

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