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Freddy Krueger Fan Documentary “FredHeads” Gets an Official Trailer



Freddy Krueger Documentary "FredHeads" Gets an Official Trailer

Director Paige Troxell’s Freddy Krueger documentary “FredHeads” brings franchise fanatics together in the first official trailer.

Fangoria just shared the first trailer for director Paige Troxell’s forthcoming Freddy Krueger documentary “FredHeads“, which focuses on the fans of the beloved horror franchise.

You can watch the official trailer below, along with additional details about the project.

Troxell credits A Nightmare on Elm Street with saving her life: “In my darkest times, I have turned to Elm Street. It is a survival story, it is my best friend, it is my comfort, and it is my home,” gushes Troxell. “I knew that there were others out there who saw this film for more than just the typical slasher. It is my goal to bring to life each and every story; to show the world that this community stands together, that we are a support team for each other.”

The documentary features insight from the stars and creatives of the Elm Street franchise, exploring the enduring legacy, cultural impact, and fan community. Interview subjects include Lisa Wilcox, Robert Kurtzman, Tuesday Night, Miko Hughes, Danny Hassel, Andras Jones, Toy Newkirk, Kelly Jo Minter, Ricky Dean Logan, and Mick Strawn, among others.

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