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‘Friday the 13th’ Casting Call Seeking Their Young Jason



Friday the 13th: Part 13 Casting Call Seeking Their Young Jason

Friday the 13th: Part 13, which is the films title listed on the casting call, is currently looking for someone to play the role of young Jason. Producers at Platinum Dunes and director Breck Eisner will be searching for two male actors who are identical twins as described on the casting call.

We have been reading a couple of opinions as to why they want identical twins, but we believe it’s only to follow with child labor laws and long production hours, alternating between the two young actors.

It’s no secret that more family members are to be introduced, so anything could be possible and a twist in the franchise wouldn’t surprise me.

As stated on the casting call:

Ultimate Model Management, Inc is currently submitting Caucasian male actors who are identical twins and age 12, for the role of Young Jason for feature film “Friday the 13th, Part 13”. Shooting will take place in Atlanta from March to May 2017.

SYNOPSIS: The 13th installment in the iconic franchise. Although the specific logline is being kept under wraps, this version is a unique retelling of the origin story.




SHOOT DATE(S): March 19th – May 4th, 2017


[YOUNG JASON] – Male, Caucasian, 12 years old ONLY SEEKING IDENTICAL TWINS W/ TV AND FILM CREDITS. MUST BE UNDER 5 FOOT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Lengthy and awkward. A dark, ominous child, who has severe psychological issues. Must have a very electric and expressive face (you will be painting the scene with your facial expressions), as this role does not speak. YOUNG JASON will grow into the psycho-killer JASON. SUPPORTING ROLE. MUST BE ATLANTA BASED.

Breck Eisner (The Crazies) is helming the project with Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) writing the script. Brad Fuller has said the film is “an origin-ish story.”

The 13th installment in Friday the 13th will focus on the family members, including Pamela Voorhees, and also Jason’s father, Elijah.

The filming schedule for Friday the 13th: Part 13 is March 19th through May 4th.



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