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‘Friday the 13th’ Production Dead; Paramount Shuts it Down



Friday the 13th Reboot Film Production Dead; Paramount Shuts it Down

We never thought that Paramount Pictures would give up on Jason Voorhees just like that, but the Friday the 13th reboot film is done for now. Sadly, any hype we had for the next Friday the 13th has been put to a complete stop.

We just got word that Paramount has indefinitely shut down production on Jason’s big screen return on October 13th, so it looks like we won’t be getting a new film anytime soon. To our knowledge, filming was planned to begin on March 19th, but things haven’t turned out very good at all.

With the new Rings film performing so poorly and making only $13 million on a $25 million budget, could be the main reason why paramount cancelled Friday the 13th and World War Z 2.

We know this will be a shock for many horror fans, but if paramount don’t have confidence in the pulling power of good old Jason, then we are doomed at this point. If we hear anymore on the status of Friday the 13th or Word War Z, we will make sure to keep you all updated.

Breck Eisner (The Crazies) was to helm the project with Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) writing the script.



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