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Fright-Rags Honors John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ With Shirts And Socks



Fright Rags John Carpenter's Halloween

The guys over at Fright Rags have given Halloween fans a real treat this October, John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic now has its very own apparel line. Personally, being a huge Michael Myers fan myself, I would buy every single shirt if I could. Dark Universe are very impressed with the art on these shirts, Fright Rags did an absolutely amazing job.

Also, for those of you who are fans of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, Fright Rags have two shirt designs available for you to choose from. Take a look at the full collection below.

Information From Fright-Rags:

“Halloween has come early, thanks to Fright-Rags. The horror shirt company has released a new collection of apparel honoring John Carpenter’s Halloween, the 1978 genre-defining classic that introduced the world to Michael Myers.

Artists Justin Osbourn, Christopher Franchi, Chris Lovell, Ben Scrivens, and Chris Kuchta each take a stab at the boogeyman and his emotionless mask with five different shirt designs.

For those who prefer more esoteric artwork, Coki Greenway illustrates Bob the Ghost, Franchi parodies a beer label with Dr. Loomis, and The Rabbit in Red Lounge receives its own tee.

The collection includes custom-knit crew socks as well. Keep your feet warm this October with three designs: The Shape, Jack-o’-Lantern, and The Rabbit in Red.

Rob Zombie’s brutal remake of Halloween is also represented, with Ralf Krause and Christopher Franchi capturing the new take on Michael Myers on a pair of shirts.

“Halloween is my favorite film of all-time and is the reason I love the genre, and ultimately what led me to start Fright-Rags,” enthuses founder Ben Scrivens. “So for me, Halloween and Fright-Rags go together like, well, Loomis and trenchcoats.”

As an added bonus, every order placed in October will include a special Fright-Rags Video membership card. Designed to take you back to the days of video store rentals, each card has a unique coupon cone with a discount ranging from $10-$20.”

Order now from Fright-Rags to receive your items before Halloween.

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