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George A. Romero to Bring ‘Pint of the Living Dead’ to Ottawa ComicCon



George A. Romero to Bring 'Pint of the Living Dead' to Ottawa ComicCon

No, it’s not a comedy horror with a bunch of drunk zombies. But instead, the ‎godfather of the dead George A. Romero is actually bringing his very own themed beer with him to Ottawa ComicCon.

Filmmaker George A. Romero, renowned for creating the blood-thirsty zombie movie genre, is also on coming and he’s bringing a “blood red ale” for convention attendees that he’s brewed in collaboration with Ottawa’s Clocktower Brew Pub, says Ottawacitizen.

For this year’s event, Clocktower’s brew boss Patrick Fiori has partnered with Romero, the horror-film legend whose 1968 film Night of the Living Dead introduced the world to zombies. Fiori’s Comiccon beer for 2017 is a “blood-red” ale called Pint of the Living Dead, a pun that Fiori said pleased Romero.

He loved the idea,” said Fiori. A self-admitted geek, he added that brewing for Comiccon attendees is something he really looks forward to annually. “We love being involved with Comiccon because it’s an exchange of cool. All our staff want to come out and work it and be involved. It’s a no-brainer.

A beer with George A. Romero? Oh fu*k yes!

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