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Geretta Giancarlo Confirms She’s Writing ‘Demons 3’ (Exclusive)



Demons 3 Geretta Giancarlo

Back in march, Dark Universe broke the news that a 3D remake of Dario Argento’s Italian horror classic Demons was in talks with the original creative crew Sergio StivalettiDario Argento, and Lamberto Bava, who want to “revive Italian horror” once again. And today we learned that the original film’s star Geretta Geretta is writing her own sequel.

For now most of my time is seriously being taken up with a wonderful version of a Demons homeage script that I plan and hope to pull off here in New Orleans, where I am presently living,” Geretta revealed. “It is more or less my version of Demons 3.

Could this be the beginning of a Demons revival?

“It is under lock and key at the moment but I began to write the Demons 3 script two years ago. I am doing some polishing on it now. Of course there is still so much interest in another Demons movie…”

What she had to say about Demons 3:

“Of course, I’d love it if Lamberto Bava was onboard to do a new movie too. I think the key to any Demons 3, though, is having distribution in place.”

How exciting is this news? Dark Universe will continue to keep you all posted.