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Germany’s 40th Leatherbook Edition of ‘Suspiria’ Screams Awesomeness



Germany's 40th Leatherbook Edition of 'Suspiria' Screams Awesomeness

German distributor 84 Entertainment has just released a 40th Anniversary Leatherbook Edition of Dario Argento‘s 1977 ultimate shock horror classic Suspiria, and today we being you a detailed look at the limited edition Blu-Ray via Screen Anarchy.

The Germans did roll up their sleeves and went to work on this one. Note that the set is NOT English-friendly, meaning all subtitles and books are in German only, but it sure is prettily packaged“, says Screen Anarchy.

Also, the guys over at the site mentioned that this release is titled “The 40th Anniversary Leatherbook Edition” and indeed, the box resembles a big, leather book. This edition is limited (numbered, even) to 1,111 pieces.

We would pick this up for a collection piece, because you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t understand German. It’s well worth sacrificing just to have this gorgeous box sitting on your shelves.

You can find this super awesome edition via right here!

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