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Goetz Brothers Directing Team Working On Next Project Titled ‘Superstition’



Goetz Brothers Directing Team Working on New Project Titled Superstition

Superstition is a new film project from the directing team behind the american remake of Martyrs, the Goetz Brothers. The film is from a script by Jeffrey Reddick, and we are sure that the Goetz Brothers will bring us something exciting to look forward to.

Film synopsis:

“The film takes place on a college campus, skewing the film younger just as Reddick’s Final Destination films did. When two unrelated deaths happen on campus, a betting pool is set up to figure out who will die next, because deaths always come in threes (similar to that celebrity death myth). However, when a student wins the pool, murderous consequences emerge.”

Lionsgate will release Superstition, with Reddick, Arthur Wylie, Carol Ann Shine, Dale Godboldo, and Stephanie Denton producing.



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